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"Your rides are getting a bit stale, don't you think? Maybe you should research some upgrades."
The Advisor
TPW Upgrade Icon

Upgrades are an essential feature that's only available in Theme Park World and Theme Park Inc. The Ride Upgrade will be available once the Scientist finishes the project via Research Lab. Ride Upgrades are only handled by the Mechanic that you recently hired in the park. But in Theme Park Inc, you have to train an Engineer before doing so

Benefits from Upgraded Rides[]

  • Ability to add loop-the-loop pylons on a Roller Coaster
  • Improvement of the ride's reliability and remaining life
  • Additions of Jumps and Tunnels on Go-Kart and Water Tracks
  • Able to Add Photo Kiosks (Theme Park Inc. only)

    You can buy upgrades for your rides to make them last longer.