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A VIP may request to visit your hospital during your time as administrator. You may accept or decline the invitation. If the VIP likes what he sees, you get a cash bonus and potentially improved reputation. If he doesn't, your reputation will take a hit.


Only accept a VIP visit if your hospital is clean, well heated and has good rested staff. When the VIP arrives, avoid taking on any emergencies or allowing the VIP to see you taking chances on cures. Also, do not send patients to Auto-Autopsy when the VIP is visiting.

When the VIP arrives, they will always appear as a fat man in a top hat and tailcoat. They will first go to reception then inspect each room in your hospital before leaving and then give your hospital his rating, which will take the form of a comment, where you will gain or lose money and/or reputation.

Names of VIPs[]

  • A Premiership Footballer
  • The Minister of Health
  • Billy Savile OBE (caricature of Jimmy Savile)
  • King Bernhard of the Netherlands
  • The Mayor of Greater Trumpton
  • Aung Sang Syu Ki

VIP Reviews[]

  • What a storming hospital. When I'm next seriously ill, take me there.
  • Now that's what I call a hospital.
  • That's a super hospital. And I should know, I've been in a few.
  • What a well-run hospital. Thanks for inviting me to it.
  • Hmmm. Not a bad medical establishment, certainly.
  • I did enjoy your charming hospital. Now, is anyone for a curry at the Taj?
  • Well, I've seen worse. But you could make some improvements.
  • Oh dear. Not a nice place to go if you're feeling peaky.
  • I'm shocked. You can't call that a hospital! I'm off for a pint.