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Charting refers to in-game charts that appear within Bullfrog games which give the player progress reports on how they are doing on that particular level.

These charts appear in many games such as Theme Park and Theme Hospital, where they display different amounts of information. These charts typical appear to the user every couple of months.

Theme Park[]

Theme Park Charts

A chart appears to the user once every couple of months showing the different parks in the local area and show their rank against the others. The player can gain trophies, which are shown on this screen, for building large track rides (such as Rubber Tubing and Race Car Ride.

Theme Hospital[]


The chart system shows up every couple of month within the game Theme Hospital just like in Theme Park. This chart is one of the most detailed out of all the different games as it tells the player their cure count, kill count, balance, visitor count and total value compared to the other hospitals in the area.

The player can also get trophies for such things as high hospital value, high cure rate, low Death rate and high reputation.